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Stories of Jesus for Young Children!

Pre-readers will cherish lap time, engaging with simple rhyming text and colorful illustrations, until they know the stories of Jesus by heart. 

Early readers will confidently and joyfully decode the simple text as they learn the true meaning of "Come Follow Me". 


Sample Text:


The Babe in Bethlehem

A long time ago

In the still of the night

High over Bethlehem 

The stars shown bright . . .


On Mary . . . so weary,

And Joseph, so brave!

"Clip-clop, little donkey.

There are taxes to pay."


But greater than taxes 

Or kings from afar

Was the wee baby

Beneath Mary's heart.


And this was the night

The baby would come.

God's chose Son,

Born to save everyone. 


The Loaves and the Fishes

A long time ago,

In Galilee,

Jesus sat on a hill

By a deep, blue sea.


He had healed the sick,

Helped a lame man run.

Now He rested with friends

In the warmth of the sun.


5 people, 10 people

50 people . . . more . . .

5,000 people came

To sit by the shore . . .


To be near to Jesus

And to hear Him say

"Come, follow Me.

I will show you the way."



The Good Samaritan

A long time ago

In Jericho

A man made his way

Down a long, dusty road.


A bundle of goods

He bore in his pack

And coins to buy food

To carry back.


At home his wife 

And children stayed.

There was work to do

While father was away.


From behind a big rock

Two bad men came.

They robbed the good man

And left him lame.


No pants, no wrap.

He was left all alone

With no goods to sell

For his family back home. 






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