How to Use Puzzles & Scripture Reflection Cards

Share the stories of Jesus with your family and/or Primary class through the beautiful artwork of Carl Heinrich Bloch and other Masters! Accompanying Scripture and Reflection Cards help family and class members engage in the life of Christ as they reflect on and share testimony of Him. Individual puzzles may be printed for each child (immediate family or class members, please). 

 Sample Printed Puzzles: 


1. Print puzzles on white card stock.

2. Laminate full-color puzzle page (optional)

3. Place puzzle board in page protector

4. Cut out (laminated) full-color puzzle

3. Store individual puzzle pieces in page protector with puzzle board

4. Store puzzles and scripture cards in 3 ring binder for easy access

Puzzles ready to assemble: 

Purchase and print Scripture and Reflection Cards to accompany each puzzle*

Parent or older child reads the Scripture Card as the younger children assemble puzzles. Follow up with Reflection Questions, guiding the whole family to share and bear testimony of the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

Sample Scripture & Reflection Cards:



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